Netsahem (نتساهم)

Project Overview

A web application that connect the donators with the Appropriate charities and NGOs . Netsahem ensures the ease and speed of collecting donations, and the arrival of donations to those who deserve them by ensuring the sources of safety and trust for donors.

Project Features

  • Users Registration
  • NGOs Registration
  • Activities Registration
  • Case Registration
  • Case Details
  • User Donations
  • User Favorite cases
  • Dashboard that allow admins to
          - Add/ Update/ Delete activity
          - Add/ Update/ Delete NGO
          - Add/ Update/ Delete case

Technology Stack

  • Front-end Languages: Html, Css, Sass, Bootstrap, Js, jQuery, Ajax.
  • Back-end Languages: PHP, Laravel framework.
  • Database: MySQL Database.
  • Other Techs: Webpack, Git, NPM, 3rd Party APIs.

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